“Psychedelic Pill are a West Cork supergroup playing the music of one of rock-n-roll’s most uncompromising, prolific and important rock artists of the last four decades –Neil Young.
Their take on Young’s collaborations with Crazy Horse captures all the passion and wig out danger of the Horse at its prime, cherry picking their best tunes and weaving them into a set that any die-hard fan would swallow whole!”

Ray Blackwell, DeBarra’s Folk Club, Clonakilty, Co Cork

“Psychedelic Pill are the real deal. They have a genuinely authentic sound that captures and celebrates the music of Neil Young’s long and varied career. A must see for Neil Young fans”

Ed Kenehan, Monroes Live, Galway

“Psychedelic Pill emulates the heart of the 60s and 70s era of Neil Young. It’s obvious they’re fans as well as students of his music as it’s very close to the original.
They certainly can rock out as good as the man himself capturing his wailing electric guitar solos and the spirit of his songs.
All generations of Neil Young fans will appreciate Psychedelic Pill”

David McLynn, no ego promotions, Roscommon

“They opened with a smack in the face, riffs and licks and bass boom, drum smashing and dirty, filthy, crunchy, crunchy goodness …
I hate tribute bands, except this one!”

Vick Guns, The Medicine Sessions, Lismore

“Utterly magnificent!”

Uri Kohen, Electric Cave Productions/Cap&Beard, Westport

The band

From delicate country tinged ballads laden with rich harmonies to driving rock numbers full of wailing guitar solos and screaming feedback, the songs of Neil Young continue to be a beautifully schizophrenic collage of the best music 60s and 70s America had to offer.

Psychedelic Pill are a four-piece band who demonstrate this by combining their own diverse musical backgrounds to take you on a trip from Neil Young’s earliest work through the Crazy Horse collaborations and beyond.

Although only united a few months they have already performed at some of Ireland’s best venues, including the Crane Lane Theatre in Cork, DeBarra’s Folk Club in Clonakilty and the Main Stage of Monroe’s in Galway.

Isaac Tabor

Lead guitar, lead vocals

Isaac is a Dutch-American musician who started as a touring musician in Liverpool with various bands before joining the folk group Jukebox Gypsy, taking him on a five-year journey of relentless gigging in Ireland and continental Europe. Isaac recently released his second solo EP, touring it around Europe and America. 

Darragh Coakley 

Drums, vocals

Darragh is a member of the Irish group The Calvinists. They have been featured in the New York Times, on the Saturday Night Show, on the cover of Hotpress magazine and have toured through Europe.

Alan Brooks

Bass, vocals

Alan brings years of experience playing anything with strings on it in country bands, trad sessions and much more.

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